Meaningful Stories Is

The first and only, streaming service for nonprofit organizations, L3Cs, and supporting organizations to present their inspiring, informative, engaging, and entertaining video stories. 

A video service that aggregates thousands of videos, providing distribution, marketing, production, and technology support—at scale—that most of these organizations cannot achieve on their own.

Free to the viewer. As such, it provides a way for the organizations to present their stories in a way that improves their image without becoming a fund raising ask.

Offering an unprecedented opportunity to easily engage with new audiences through distribution across virtually all video platforms including mobile, desktop, and connected TVs.

 Our team of highly experienced leading executives and board members from the for-profit sectors is poised to support and launch this service to millions of viewers in 2022.

The Meaningful Stories Experience

Meaningful Stories will share and promote thousands of entertaining long and short-form storytelling videos across all digital platforms.

Discussions are underway with Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and Chromecast-Google TV.

We will launch on major social media video platforms including Instagram and Facebook.

We will enable new donation streams by providing an unprecedented reach to millions of potential giving donors and offer QR codes, donation links, etc.

The Meaningful Stories streaming service will launch in late 2022.

In 2023, we are launching our linear channel – across other traditional packages.

The Giving Landscape Has Changed

Individuals, foundations, and corporations donated $471.44 billion in 2020, a new record and an incredible demonstration of generosity in a complex year.

Increasingly younger donors engage with nonprofits using mobile devices.

Digital promotions like Crowdfunding and Giving Days are relevant and continue to grow in popularity.

Donors are motivated to help ‘real’ stories.

Video storytelling increases connections and donor responses by 43%.*

Nonprofits recognize there is a need to shift their fundraising efforts to better accommodate digital giving and at the same time retain their soft side.

 *Philanthropic Landscape Report 2021; CCS Fundraising  

Our Services

Meaningful Stories offers an aggregated, dedicated steaming service to share the work of nonprofits, L3Cs and supporting organizations.

We are finalizing a technical streaming platform agreement with SeaChange®, the streaming service platform that will provide reach to most video devices including mobile phones, connected TV’s, computers and tablets. They provide this service to many major streamers.

Our reach, scale, and marketing support are better than the individual efforts of nonprofits.

We enable new donation streams to millions of potential giving donors and offer QR codes, Tipping links, etc.

We will do the heavy-lifting, seamlessly working with videos and offering all aspects of video production – scriptwriting, editing, etc.

We have a technical streaming platform agreement in place with SeaChange®.

We are launching our social media program in mid-2022.

We are excited to launch in late 2022. Partner with us!

How Can We Help Your Organization?

Meaningful Stories is offering an aggregated, dedicated steaming service to share the work of nonprofits, L3Cs and supporting organizations.

Like Netflix®, Disney+®, etc. we use a best-in-class streaming platform to feature our programing in a dedicated channel.

We provide an opportunity for 24/7 digital entertainment and engagement with the good work of these key organizations.

We provide an expanded audience to help promote these organizations without making it a fundraising opportunity – We will have QR codes, donation links, etc. at the end of each video but otherwise be there to entertain while improving the image of the organization.

We do the heavy lifting, seamlessly publishing video of your existing video content.

We can help with content creation – offering all aspects of production support including scriptwriting, editing, production, etc.

What is an L3C and How Can it Help Us?

An L3C is a special form of an LLC. The L3C is the “for-profit” with the “nonprofit” soul.

The L3C laws, in states where it has passed, specify L3Cs must significantly further the accomplishment of one or more charitable purposes listed in the U.S. IRS Code.

U.S. federal & state laws create a fiduciary responsibility for L3Cs to put furtherance of a charitable purpose ahead of making a profit.

As an L3C Meaningful Stories can blend revenue from for-profits with the revenue from the nonprofits, to help our nonprofit partners create the highest quality video content at the lowest cost.

Meaningful Stories L3C – A video channel presenting stories generated by nonprofits, L3Cs, and supporting organizations that inform, engage, and entertain viewers.