We provide a video service that aggregates thousands of videos, providing distribution, marketing, production, and technology support at a scale that most nonprofits, L3Cs, and other organizations can’t achieve on their own.

It is a way to Improve Your Fundraising Without Asking for Money. People naturally are incentivized to give without being asked.

We maintain the right to promote and air video content at our discretion.

Yes, we are interested in short or long-formatted video storytelling that can inform, engage, and entertain viewers.

Video content, cross-marketing support, and promotion support.

We can help you generate new content from your existing video assets or help you turn stories into videos. We have teams available to help with all aspects of production and post-production services.

Our sites and apps will provide exposure to video platforms including all mobile, desktop, and connected TVs.

It depends. It could be zero. If we have to produce a long video from scratch there can be significant costs attached. If there is existing video which only needs editing or other minor work to bring up to our standards, the cost could be in the hundreds of dollars . Talk to us about a sponsored video.

No! What makes Meaningful Stories so enjoyable is that the viewer can watch for free without being exposed to ads or subscription fees. Viewers who want a direct connection icon for their screen merely have to register once at no cost to pick up the one click connect icon.

Like most video channels, we will have a list and promotional views of new videos. But a unique feature of our site will be automatic cross promotion. When we agree to put up a video, the one thing we ask of the owner is that they send out emails, etc. to their contact lists announcing the placement. In doing so, they will be promoting not only their video, but our site. So will all the other organizations leading to a cross promotion since very few viewers are going to look at only one site once they get there.

Just upload your video storytelling content to the Meaningful Stories portal and we will review it.

Yes, Meaningful Stories can remove, update, and replace content.

We will be giving our content partners reports on viewership coming through the service.